Schnauzers are everyone's favorite! My vet recommends them as the perfect dog for kids and as a companion for retirees. Having owned Schnauzers for twenty five years I am likewise a fan of this laid back, loyal, gentle spirited and loving breed. I often say "Once a Schnauzer owner, always a Schnauzer owner"! I frequently sell them to first timers but more often to people purchasing their fifth or sixth Schnauzer! They have a lifelong following of devoted owners! Kids raised with them later buy them for their own families. We find the Schnauzer the "perfect match" with the Poodle in the extremely popular Schnoodle.

Years of breeding Schnauzers has provided us an outstanding line to use as a foundation. We occasionally breed Schnauzer litters to add to and strengthen our breeding stock. A breeding Schnauzer must meet a certain size criteria. We may only need a female to replace a recently retired one. Fortunately for someone looking to purchase a top quality Schnauzer, we can on occasion offer for sale the offspring from these deliberate Schnauzer breeding’s.

Our popular Schnoodle site just received an “extreme makeover”. You will learn all you need to know about us, the philosophy of our breeding program and current information on everything imaginable about puppies - information based on continuous updates from throughout the dog world as well as our considerable personal experience.

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DEPOSIT: A NON-refundable deposit of HALF the value of the pup is required to hold a puppy. WHY is the deposit NON REFUNDABLE? Once we have a contract in place for this pup, it is taken off the web site, is never shown to another potential buyer and is not mentioned during other sales. Your ownership of this pup is protected and honored. The deposit, however, may be refundable under extenuating circumstances, e.g. if the puppy had a serious reaction to a shot or worming prior to you taking it home or if for some unexplained reason the pup died.
The deposit must be in the form of a money order or cashiers’ check or cash, to Ashlee Thompson. Pups are available for sale UNTIL we receive the deposit. Overnight or priority mail ensures your selection.

  1. The balance is due in CASH/cashiers check or money order at the time of pick up or two weeks before flight. The average prep for a flight is 7-10 days. Cost of flight, Vet and preparation costs as well as balance on pup MUST be paid in full before we begin the process.
  2. Upon receiving your deposit you will be emailed a contract/receipt/guarantee for the pup.

You are also sent our PUPPY PACKAGE which includes a “shopping list” to help you prepare